Cristina Biaggi

The Goddess and The Goddess Mound


Goddess worship predates God by tens of thousands of years and, despite fanatical repression, she thrives today, rebirthing herself for the Third Millennium. The power and personality of the Goddess flow through the early history of Homo sapiens and possibly earlier still. She is a constant presence throughout the Paleolithic and Neolithic eras. The gravesites and shelters of Neanderthal peoples furnish signs of her presence and power; they continue to be abundant in the shelters, camps and cave sanctuaries of our Cro-Magnon ancestors, especially in Europe but in other places as well. She is the personification of the reproductive energies of nature: birth, death, fertility, transformation and motherhood.


During the past sixty years, the Goddess movement has attracted an international audience of intelligent, independent and motivated women and men who are interested in seeking wider knowledge about our first numinous presence – the divine feminine.

Only by taking up the discussion can we hope to venerate the powerful female qualities of nurturance, life affirmation, and respect for the Earth in all Her glory and munificence. Mother Earth deserves nothing less than an end to aggression and destruction.

She inspired me to collaborate with the late architect, Mimi Lobell, to create a proposal for The Goddess Mound, a permanent place for worship and celebration of the female deity.

– Cristina Biaggi, Ph.D.

“Cristina Biaggi’s Goddess Mound will be both a sacred place in itself and a long overdue link to the sacred earthworks that were on this continent long before Europeans arrived. It will be a tribute to matrilineal cultures that honored women and men, sky and earth, spirit and nature; an honoring of the past – and a path to the future.”

– Gloria Steinem
Co-founder of Ms. Magazine, writer,
lecturer, editor, and feminist activist