Cristina Biaggi

About the Artist

about-the-artistCristina Biaggi’s latest work has been both abstract and realistic. Her sculptures, commissioned classical portraits usually cast in bronze, seek to portray the person or animal’s personality – their soul – in one moment in time. As Ms. Chris McGrath, Director of Sales at Polich Tallix Fine Art Foundry says, “Cristina Biaggi is one of the most talented figurative sculptors we have worked for. She is highly professional and extremely interested in the precise conveyance of her original detail throughout the casting process. She skillfully captures the essence of her subject in her art, whether the subject is an adult, child or animal. Her work is truly beautiful.” Biaggi’s collages – both big commissioned pieces and smaller works – are expressionistically abstract and reflect a mood or a feeling. Large commissioned pieces such as THE RIVER and OCEAN were created on canvas, smaller works on paper using India ink, house paint and fine art acrylic paint.

“Cristina Biaggi’s work –
seminal, gorgeous, provocative.
No one like her!”

– Olympia Dukakis
Film and Stage Actor